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4th St

from Division up the river, next beyond 3rd

Street Details

from division to gum/chandler

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Sites along 4th St

Rookery 100-6 NW 4th St, formerly 119-129 Upper 4th
Owl's Nest 11 Upper 4th St
Indiana Trust and Savings Bank 18 NW 4th St
Hulman Building 24 NW 4th St
Hartmetz Building 29 NW 4th St, formerly 200-2 Upper 4th St
Van Pickerill Hardware 101 NW 4th St
Siegel's Department Store 101 SE 4th St
Porter's 102-6 SE 4th St, formerly 402-6 Upper 4th St
Landmark Building 105 NW 4th St
Goldman's Pawn Shop 107-109 SE 4th St, formerly 411-413 Upper 4th
Waldschmidtt Grocery 113 SE 4th St
Dickman Block 113-115 Upper 4th St
Albert Fischer Hotel 115-117 SE 4th St, formerly 419-421 Fourth St
Schreeder Building 119 SE 4th St, originally 423 4th St
Isaac Berman Building 121-125 SE 4th St
Court Building 123 NW 4th St, formerly 100-106 Upper 4th
Atlantic Gardens 127 SE 4th St
Courthouse 201 NW 4th St
German ME Church 202 NW 4th St, formerly 25 Upper 4th St
Old Jail and Sheriff's Residence 208 NW 4th St, formerly 15 Upper 4th St
Newman, H. G. Plumbing Company 211-213 SE 4th St, formerly 511-513 Upper 4th St
Kerth Building 211-213 Upper 4th St
Fellwock Auto Company 214 NW 4th St, formerly 3 Upper 4th
Huber Motor Sales Building 215-219 SE 4th St, formerly 515-519 Upper 4th St
First Christian Church 300 Blackford Ave, formerly 100 Blackford Ave, formerly 1125 Upper 4th St
Agoga Tabernacle 318 SE 4th St
Crescent City Foundry 329 NW 4th St, formerly 31 First Ave
Evansville Brewery 401 NW 4th St
Welborn Hospital 412 se 4th st, formerly 712 Upper 4th St
Scotsman Ice 415 NW 4th St.
Heimann and Heimann Stable 416 NW 4th St., formerly 19 2nd ave
Denton, James F., Works Building 420 NW 4th St, originally 122-4 First Ave.
Cadick Poultry 420 NW 4th St.
Evansville Woolen Mill 427 NW 4th St / 420 NW 5th St
Buehner Chair Factory 427 NW 4th St, formerly 215 First Ave
615 SE 4th 615 SE 4th St
Boone Funeral Home 618 SE 4th St, originally 918 Upper 4th / 400 Chandler Ave
401 Chandler East corner of Chandler Ave and 4th St
Blackman Floral Co East corner of Gum St (Chandler Ave) and 4th St
Liederkranz Hall Formerly 110-112 Upper 4th St
111 NW 4th St Formerly 118 Upper 4th St (approximately 111 NW 4th St)
J B Mesker & Sons Cornice Works North corner of 4th St (Market St) and Division St (Court St)
Evansville Cement Pipe Works Northeast corner of 4th St and Powell Ave
2 E Powell Northeast corner of Powell and 4th St
Great Western Flouring Mills Northwest corner of Fulton and 4th St (Penn)
1 E Powell Southeast corner of Powell Ave and 4th St
320 Chandler West corner of Chandler Ave and 4th St
First Baptist Church West corner of Cherry St and 4th St
Calvary Baptist formerly 1106 Upper 4th St
Evansville Taxi Cab Co formerly 124-128 Upper 4th St
Ruston House formerly 208-212 Upper 4th St

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