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3rd St

from Carpenter up the river, next beyond 2nd

Street Details

Southeast from Ingle to Parrett St
c1920Upper 2nd is S 2nd and Lower 2nd becomes N 2nd
c1929Street is indexed from Main St, addresses are renumbered
c1990Southeast from Division, curving near Ingle and continuing southeast to Parrett when part of Market St becomes 3rd to help traffic flow into downtown
from ingle to parrett, next east 2nd sep1888 extended to 2nd? (now parrett)

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Sites along 3rd St

10-12 SE 3rd 10-12 SE 3rd St
101-3 NW 3rd 101-103 NW 3rd St, formerly 128-30 Upper 3rd St
Cafe Venice 105-7 NW 3rd St
Pride's Garage 109-111 NW 3rd St, originally 120-122 Upper 3rd St
Turley-Harmon Building 12-14 NW 3rd St.
14 SE 3rd St 14 SE 3rd St
Holy Trinity School 20 Upper 3rd St
Greyhound Bus Terminal 102 NW 3rd St
Auto Hotel Building 111 SE 3rd St
Hose House No. 1 120 SE 3rd St, 420-2 Upper 3rd St
City Hall 126 SE 3rd St, formerly 424-6 Upper 3rd St
131 SE 3rd 131 SE 3rd St, originally 431 Upper 3rd St
Old Police Station 2 200 SE 3rd St
Melburn Flats 201 SE 3rd St, formerly 501-3 Upper 3rd St
Bahr Building 209 SE 3rd St, formerly 509 Upper 3rd St
Holy Trinity Catholic Church 211 NW 3rd St, originally 12-16 Upper 3rd St
Trinity United Methodist Church 216 SE 3rd St, originally 522-524 Upper 3rd St
Holy Trinity Catholic Rectory 219 NW 3rd St
Vendome Hotel 24-30 NW 3rd St, formerly 201-215 Upper 3rd St
301 Chandler 301 Chandler Ave / 303 Chandler Ave / 704 SE 3rd St, originally 1104 Upper 3rd St
Sam's Cleaners 308 NW 3rd St.
Evansville Veterinary Hospital 310 SE 3rd St, formerly 610 Upper 3rd St
Gazebo Plants 310-312 NW 3rd St.
F J Scholz Monument Works 311-315 NW 3rd St, orginally 11-15 Lower 3rd St
Elmendorf's 314-316 NW 3rd St
Buckingham Apartments 314-320 SE 3rd St.
317 SE 3rd 317 SE 3rd St, formerly 617 Upper 3rd St
Kay's Place 318-320 NW 3rd St.
Fabian Apartments 319 SE 3rd St, formerly 619 Upper 3rd St
St. John's UCC 321 NW 3rd St, formerly 25 Lower 3rd St
321 SE 3rd 321 SE 3rd St, formerly 621 Upper 3rd St
Midwest Remodeling 326 NW 3rd St.
Old First Baptist Church 401 SE 3rd St
405 SE 3rd 405 SE 3rd St
407-9 SE 3rd 407-409 SE 3rd St
411 SE 3rd 411 SE 3rd St
Euclid Apartments 415 SE 3rd St, formerly 713-715 Upper 3rd St
423 SE 3rd 423 SE 3rd St
614 SE 3rd 614 SE 3rd St
615 SE 3rd 615 SE 3rd St
701 SE 3rd St 701 SE 3rd St
Montrose Apartments 1011 Parrett St, formerly 1317 Upper 3rd St
419-21 SE 3rd 419-21 SE 3rd St
705-7 SE 3rd 705-7 SE 3rd St
Daniels Flats 708 SE 3rd St, originally 1008 Upper 3rd St
709 SE 3rd 709 SE 3rd St
711 SE 3rd 711 SE 3rd St
713 SE 3rd 713 SE 3rd St
715 SE 3rd 715 SE 3rd St
719 SE 3rd 719 SE 3rd St
721 SE 3rd 721 SE 3rd St
727 SE 3rd 727 SE 3rd St
801 SE 3rd St 801 SE 3rd St, formerly 1031 Upper 3rd St
811 SE 3rd 811 SE 3rd St
815 SE 3rd 815 SE 3rd St, formerly 1049 Upper 3rd St
901 SE 3rd 901 SE 3rd St
905 SE 3rd 905 SE 3rd St
909 SE 3rd 909 SE 3rd St
913 SE 3rd 913 SE 3rd St
German National Bank East corner of Main St and 3rd St
City Building North corner of 3rd St and Walnut St
Dottie's Tavern North corner of 3rd St/Market St and Bond St
Old (2nd and 3rd) Courthouse North corner of Main St and 3rd St
Wells Bijou SE 3rd St, formerly 409-411 Upper 3rd St
City National Bank South corner of Main St and 3rd St
Cadick Theater West corner of 3rd St and Sycamore St
230 Chandler Ave West corner of Chandler Ave and 3rd St
Smith, E Q West corner of Division (Court) and 3rd St
224 Mulberry West corner of Mulberry St and 3rd St

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