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Below is a list of streets in Evansville, those existing and long gone. Click on a street for details about the street regarding its location, timeline, and details about numbering. For an in-depth explanation of numbering and renumbering in Evansville, read here. Additionally there is a list of street changes over the years.

Index of streets

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1st Ave » See First Ave
1st St
1st St (Lamasco)
2nd Ave » See Second Ave
2nd St
2nd St (Lamasco)
3rd Ave » See Third Ave
3rd St
3rd St (Lamasco)
4th Ave » See Fourth Ave
4th St
4th St (Lamasco)
5th Ave » See Fifth Ave
5th St
5th St (Lamasco)
6th Ave » See Sixth Ave
6th St
6th St (Lamasco)
7th Ave » See Seventh Ave
7th St » See Martin Luther King Blvd
7th St (Lamasco)
8th Ave » See Eighth Ave
8th St
8th St (Lamasco)
9th Ave » See Ninth Ave
9th St
9th St (Lamasco)
10th Ave » See Tenth Ave
10th St
10th St (Lamasco)
11th Ave » See Eleventh Ave
11th St
11th St (Lamasco)
12th Ave » See Twelfth Ave
12th St (Lamasco)
13th St (Lamasco)
14th St (Lamasco)
15th St (Lamasco)
16th St (Lamasco)
17th St (Lamasco)
18th St (Lamasco)
19th St (Lamasco)
20th St (Lamasco)
21st St (Lamasco)
22nd St (Lamasco)
23rd St (Lamasco)
24th St (Lamasco)
25th St (Lamasco)
26th St (Lamasco)
27th St (Lamasco)
28th St (Lamasco)


A St
Adams Ave
Adams St » See Michigan St
Addison Ave
Addison St » See Elsas Ave
Adler Rd
Akin Dr
Alabama St
Albert Ave
Albion Ave
Alexander Ave
Allen St
Allen's Ln
Althaus Ave
Alvord Blvd
Amity St
Andover Ave
Ann St
Ann St (Jacobsville)
Ardee Ave
Arlington Ave
Armstrong Ave
Armstrong Rd
Ashland Pl » See 1st St
Austin Ave
Avon Ave
Avon Pl » See 2nd St


B St
Baehl Rd
Baker Ave
Baker Ave (N Main) » See ? St
Baker St
Ballard St
Barker Ave
Barnett St » See Garvin St
Bartlett Ave » See N Harlan
Base Line Rd
Bataan Ln
Baumgart Rd
Bayard Park Dr
Bayless St » See Adams Ave
Bayou Creek Rd
Bayse St
Bedford Ave
Bell Ave
Bell St » See Bellemeade Ave
Bell St (N Main) » See Delaware St
Bellevue Ave
Bender Rd
Bergdolt Rd
Bickmeier Rd
Birdwell St
Bismarck St
Bixler Rd
Blackford Ave
Bland Ave » See Evans
Blue Grass Rd
Boehne Ave
Boehne Camp Rd
Boeke Rd
Bond St
Booker Rd
Boonville Rd » See Lincoln Ave
Boonville-New Harmony Rd
Bosse Ave
Boundary St » See Garvin St
Boyle Ln
Bray Ave » See Bedford Ave
Bray's Lane » See Maxwell (or Reis?)
Britton's Lane
Broadway Ave
Broadway Ave (Rosedale) » See Harlan Ave
Bromm Rd
Brower St
Brown St
Browning Rd
Buchanan Rd
Buente Ave » See Sherman
Buente Rd
Burkhardt Rd
Burrell Ave


C St
Calvin St » See Garvin?
Cambridge St
Campbell St
Campus Rd
Canal St
Canal St (Baptisttown)
Canal St (Lamasco)
Canal St (Lower)
Canal St (Rowleytown)
Carpenter St
Carpenter St (Baptisttown) » See Brower St
Casselberry Ave
Cedar St
Center Ave
Center St
Center St (Baptisttown) » See Grant St
Center St (Lower)
Center St (Rowleytown) » See Governor St
Central Ave » See Missouri St
Chandler Ave
Cherry St
Chestnut St
Church St
Claremont Ave
Clark St
Cleveland Ave
Cody St
College Hwy
College St
Colorado Ave
Columbia St
Cook Ave
Cook Ave (SE)
Corbierre Ave
Cornelius Ave
Court St
Covert Ave
Cowan St
Creamery Rd
Cross St
Crown Ave
Culverson Ave
Cumberland Ave
Cunningham Ave
Curtis Ave
Cutler Ave
Cypress Dale Rd


D St » See Dennison St
Daisy Ave » See Cumberland Ave
Dale Ave
Decker Ave » See Claremont Ave
Delaware St
Denby Ave
Dennison St
Devon St » See Seventh Ave
Division St
Dixon St » See Elliott St
Douglas St
Dreier Blvd
Dresden St
Droll Ave
Dunk's Ln » See Oakley St


E St » See Egmont St
Edgar St
Edward St » See Garvin St
Egmont St
Eichel Ave
Eighteenth St (Lamasco) » See 18th St (Lamasco)
Eighth Ave
Eighth St » See 8th St
Eighth St (Lamasco) » See 8th St (Lamasco)
Electric St » See Dearborn St
Eleventh Ave
Eleventh St » See 11th St
Eleventh St (Lamasco) » See 11th St (Lamasco)
Elizabeth Ave » See Michigan? St
Elliott St
Elm St
Elouise Ave
Elsas Ave
Emerson St
Emmett St
Engine St » See Cambridge St
Evelyn St » See Marion Ave
Ewing Ave
Ewing St » See Monroe ewing av in sanborn


F St » See Floyd St
Fares Ave
Fifteenth St (Lamasco) » See 15th St (Lamasco)
Fifth Ave
Fifth St » See 5th St
Fifth St (Lamasco) » See 5th St (Lamasco)
First Ave
First St » See 1st St
First St (Lamasco) » See 1st St (Lamasco)
Florence St
Florida St
Floyd St
Forest Ave
Fountain Ave
Fourteenth St (Lamasco) » See 14th St (Lamasco)
Fourth Ave
Fourth St » See 4th St
Fourth St (Lamasco) » See 4th St (Lamasco)
Francis St
Franklin St
Fremont St
French St
Front St
Fulton Ave


Garfield Ave
Garvin St
Gavitt St
Geil Ave » See Florida St
Genung » See Hollywood Ave
Georgia St
German St
Gilbert Ave
Glendale Ave
Goodsell St
Gordon Ave » See Garvin
Governor St
Grant St
Green River Rd (Old) » See Riverside
Gross St » See Cross St
Grove St
Gum St


Hamilton St
Hancock Ave » See Dresden St
Harmony Rd
Harmony Way
Harriet St
Harrison St
Harrison St (blankenburg)
Hartmetz Ave
Hazel Ave » See Covert
Heidelbach Ave
Heinlein Ave
Helen St » See Hartmetz
Hendricks St » See linwood
Hess Ave
High St
Highland Ave » See Sonntag Ave
Hogue Rd
Honest John St
Hopkins Ave » See Ravenswood Dr
Hudson St
Hulman Ave
Hunnel St
Huston Ave » See Grand Ave


Igleheart Ave
Igleheart Ave (Bayard Park) » See Bayard Park Dr
Illinois St
Indiana St
Ingle Ave
Ingle St
Iowa St


Jackson Ave
Jacobs Ave » See Edgar
James Ave
Jefferson Ave
Jefferson St
John St
Johnson Ave » See Park Dr
Jones St » See John St
Jones St (N Main) » See Columbia St
Judson St


Kathryn St
Keck Ave
Keller St
Kentucky Ave
Kenwood Ave
Kiger St
Kingsbury Ave
Koressel Ave » See Koressel St originally


Lafayette Ave
Law Ave
Lee St
Leet St
Lemcke Ave
Leslie Ave
Lilly Ave » See ewing ave
Lincoln Ave
Linden St
Line St
Locust St
Lodge Ave
Long Rd
Longworth St » See ? St
Loraine St
Louisiana St
Lower Main St
Lower Mt Vernon Rd


M L King Jr Blvd
Madison Ave
Magnolia Ave » See Louisiana St
Main St
Main St Extension
Maple Ave » See Morton Ave
Maple St » See Blackford Ave
Mardulia St
Marine Ave
Marion Ave
Market St
Market St (Rowleytown)
Marlyand St
Marshall St
Mary St
McCormick Ave » See Morton
McDonald Ave » See Kerth section gone
Mesker Park Dr
Michigan St
Miles St » See ? St
Miner St » See Jackson St
Missouri St
Mitchell St
Monroe Ave
Morris Ave » See morton?
Morton Ave
Mt. Auburn Rd
Mulberry St
Myrtle St


Nevada St
New Harmony Rd
New York Ave
Newburgh Rd
Ninteenth St (Lamasco) » See 19th St (Lamasco)
Ninth Ave
Ninth St » See 9th St
Ninth St (Lamasco) » See 9th St (Lamasco)


Oak Dr
Oak Hill Rd
Oak St
Oakley Ave
Oakley St
Ocean Ave » See Eichel Ave
Ohio St
Olive St
Orange St
Oregon St
Orr Ave » See Linwood Ave


Park Dr
Park Pl
Park St
Parrett St
Pasco Ave
Pearl St
Peck Rd
Peerless Rd
Pennsylvania St
Pine St
Pleasant Rd
Pollack Ave
Poplar Ave
Posey Ave
Powell Ave
Prince St » See Ridgeway Ave
Prospect Ave
Pruitt Rd
Putnam St


Radio Ave
Randall Ave
Randolph Ave
Ray Becker Pkwy
Read St
Red Bank Rd
Reilly St
Reis Ave
Reis Ave (Reitz Hill)
Reis Rd
Richardt Ave
Richardt Blvd (Reitz Hill)
Rickey Ave
Riggs Ave
River View Pl
Riverside Dr
Rodenberg Ave
Roesner Rd
Rose Ave
Rose Ave (Howell) » See Delmar Ave
Rosenberger Ave
Ross Ave » See willow rd n ross used to be between bartlett (n harlan) and willow rd but was lined up with willow by 1920s
Roth Rd
Rowley St
Rupper Ave
Ruston Ave
Ruston Ln


Salt Pool » See Buchanan Rd
Saunders Ave (Avondale)
Schmadel Ln
Scholz Ave » See Kerth Ave
Schreeder Ave » See Kerth Ave
Second Ave
Second St » See 2nd St
Second St (Lamasco) » See 2nd St (Lamasco)
Seventeenth St (Lamasco) » See 17th St (Lamasco)
Seventh Ave
Seventh St
Seventh St (Lamasco) » See 7th St (Lamasco)
Shanklin St
Shannon St
Sherman St
Short St
Signal St » See Emerson St
Sixteenth St (Lamasco) » See 16th St (Lamasco)
Sixth Ave
Sixth St » See 6th St
Sixth St (Lamasco) » See 6th St (Lamasco)
Slaughter Ave
Smith St
Spruce St
St John St
St. Joseph Ave
Stacer Ave
Stahlhefer Ave » See Bayard Park Dr
State St » See Fifth Ave
Stinson Ave
Stringtown Rd
Strueh-Hendricks Rd » See
Sullivan St » See Baker Ave
Sumner St
Sycamore St


Taylor Ave
Tekoppel Ave
Tennessee St
Tenth Ave
Tenth St » See 10th St
Tenth St (Lamasco) » See 10th St (Lamasco)
Third Ave
Third St » See 3rd St (Lamasco)
Thirteenth Ave » See St Joseph Ave
Thirteenth St (Lamasco) » See 13th St (Lamasco)
Thomas Ave
Tunis Ave
Twelfth Ave
Twelfth St (Lamasco) » See 12th St (Lamasco)
Twentieth St (Lamasco) » See 20th St (Lamasco)
Twenty-eighth St (Lamasco) » See 28th St (Lamasco)
Twenty-fifth St (Lamasco) » See 25th St (Lamasco)
Twenty-first St (Lamasco) » See 21st St (Lamasco)
Twenty-fourth St (Lamasco) » See 24th St (Lamasco)
Twenty-second St (Lamasco) » See 22nd St (Lamasco)
Twenty-seventh St (Lamasco) » See 27th St (Lamasco)
Twenty-sixth St (Lamasco) » See 26th St (Lamasco)
Twenty-third St (Lamasco) » See 23th St (Lamasco)


Uhlhorn St
Union Pl » See Riverside Dr


Van Buren Ave » See Riverside
Vermont St
Vine St
Violet » See howell
Virginia St


Wabash Ave
Wabash Ave of Flags » See Wabash Ave
Walker Ave
Walker St
Wallenmeier Rd
Walnut St
Ward Rd
Washington Ave
Washington St
Water St
Waterworks Rd
Webster Ave
Wedeking Ave
Weinbach Ave
Weiss Rd
Wessel's Ln
West Franklin Rd
Wheeler St
Whetstone Rd
Wilbur Ave
Willard Ave
William St
Wills Ave
Wilson Ave » See monroe
Wimberg Ave
Wimberg Rd
Wimburg Ave
Wimburg Rd
Woods Ave
Woods Ave (SE)
Woods Rd


Young Rd
Yuletide Ave


Ziegler Ave
Zimmerman Rd
Zoar Ave