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Street renames

Here is a detailed list of street renames in Evansville through the years. The two most substantial ones were when the numbering system was conceived in 1873 and the one in 1929 when that system was signicantly altered. For a complete list of streets check out our street list.

May 1873

In May of 1873, the city passed an ordinance to rename several streets. The biggest aim was to remove confusion between Evansville's and Lamasco's numbered streets and to eliminate duplicate street names. At the same time the city adopted a numbering system for establishing street adresses.

1st St (Lamasco)Alabama St 
2nd St (Lamasco)Vermont StIndependence portion
High StLamasco portion from Fifth Ave to Walker St
Bond StLamasco portion from Goodsell to Bond
3rd St (Lamasco)Ohio St 
4th St (Lamasco)Pennsylvania St 
5th St (Lamasco)Indiana StIndependence portion (Lamasco portion was Canal St)
6th St (Lamasco)Illinois St 
7th St (Lamasco)Michigan St 
8th St (Lamasco)Virginia St 
9th St (Lamasco)Iowa St 
10th St (Lamasco)Delaware St 
11th St (Lamasco)Columbia St 
12th St (Lamasco)Maryland St 
13th St (Lamasco)Oregon St 
14th St (Lamasco)Missouri St 
15th St (Lamasco)Louisiana St 
16th St (Lamasco)Nevada St 
17th St (Lamasco)Florida St 
18th St (Lamasco)Georgia St 
19th St (Lamasco)Tennessee St 
Adams StMichigan St 
Ann St (Jacobsville)Harriet St 
Ann StPennsylvania Stfrom First Ave to Division St (Court St)
Division Stfrom Division St (Court St) eastward
Ashland Pl1st St 
Avon Pl2nd St 
Brown StBell St 
Canal St (Baptisttown)Douglass St 
Canal St (Lamasco)Indiana St 
Canal St (Lower)First Ave 
Canal St (Rowleytown)Division St 
Center St (Baptisttown)Grant St 
Center St (Lower)2nd St 
Center StSumner St 
Cross StGum St 
Dixon StElliott St 
Elm StIngle St 
Ewing StWater St 
Front StWater St 
German StMary St 
Hamilton StIllinois St 
Harrison StGum St 
Honest John StOhio St 
Jefferson StIndiana St  
Leet StThird Ave 
Market St (Rowleytown)LaFayette Ave 
Market StSecond Ave 
Newburg RdLincoln Ave 
Orange StWalnut St 
Smith StHeidelbach Ave 
Union PlWater St 
Wheeler StMulberry St 
[no name]Heinlein AveHeinlein's addition
[no name]Indiana StShanklin's addition, running W-E
[no name]Illinois StShanklin's addition
[no name]Franklin StShanklin's addition
[no name]Michigan StShanklin's addition
[no name]Sherman StShanklin's addition, nearest to Heidelbach & Elsas enlargement running N-S
[no name]Morton Stnext east
[no name]Hendricks Stnext east
[street leading to Saltwells]Maryland Stwest from Fulton Ave

August 1882

Several streets in the growing southeast section beyond Culver were named as well as St Joseph Ave and Bellevue Ave on the west side. Additionally, a few streets were renamed including Washington St, which was likely changed to avoid confusion with Washington Ave.

[no name]Monroe Stfirst street south of Madison Ave (Parrett's Enlargement)
[no name]Jackson Avenext south
[no name]Taylor Avenext south
[no name]St Joseph Avewestern boundary of city between Perry and Pigeon Townships
[no name]Bellevue Avestreet between Eighth and Ninth Aves, from Pennsylvania St to Delaware St
Gum StChandler Avefrom Water St to Chandler St
Chandler StChandler Ave 
Center StGovernor Stfrom Lincoln Ave to Columbia St
Washington StGarfield Avefrom Pennsylvania to Columbia St

November 1886

Two small streets, Mardulia and Cowan, were renamed to Blackford Ave.

Mardulia StBlackford AveE Blackford (from 4th St east)
Cowan StBlackford AveBlackford (from 2nd to 4th)

September 1888

Sections of 4th St and Parrett St become part of 3rd St, connecting it to 2nd St. This may have later been undone as Parrett presently goes to Powell.

4th St3rd StBlackford Ave to Washington Ave
Parrett St3rd StWashington Ave to 2nd St

October 1892

Powell St is renamed Powell Ave.

Powell StPowell Ave 

August 1894

Bayless St becomes a continuation of Adams St, explaining the street's bend at Haynie's Corner.

Bayless StAdams Ave 

May 1899

The residential part of Water St was renamed Riverside Ave (later becomes Riverside Dr along with the rest of Water St).

Upper Water StRiverside AveWalnut St to south line of Ewing's Addition (parallel with Jackson St)


Streets in the Jacobsville area were renamed to align with Evansville streets to the south.

Jacobs AveEdgar StRenamed June
Dunk's AveOakley StRenamed July


Planning for future development, the city plan commission instituted several changes in 1929. Older, shorter streets were renamed with streets that lined up (or nearly lined up). The growing city again encountered duplicate street names which it was forced to rename. Additionally, a considerable change in how the streets were numbered resulted in several homes changing their address. For more information on the renumbering click here.

Adams AveE Adams AveEast from 4th St
Adams AveWaterworks Rd West from Riverside Ave
Allen StCedar St? East from ICRR
Bartlett AveHarlan AveDivision St to Virginia St
Blackford AveE Blackford AveEast from Parrett St
Broadway AveHarlan AveLincoln Ave to Division St
Campbell StJudson St 
Campus RdRotherwood AveLincoln Ave to Walnut St
Chandler AveBayard Park DrLodge Ave to Frederick St
Chandler AveE Chandler AveEast from angle northeast of 4th St
Cherry StE Cherry StEast from angle northeast of 10th St
Cleveland AveTennessee St 
Cunningham AveHartz AveDivision St to ES&NRR
Division StPennsylvania StPennsylvania St to Main St
Division StCourt StPennsylvania St to Riverside Ave
Fares AveKerth AveVirginia St to Columbia St
First Ave4th StDivision St to Pennsylvania St
4th StParrett StAdams Ave to angle southeast of Chandler Ave
Fulton AveN Fulton AveNorth from Division St
Geil AveFlorida St 
Genung StHollywood AveJames Ave to Garland Ave
Gum StE Gum StEast from angle at 8th St
Grant StJudson St 
Heinlein AveFourth Ave 
Jackson AveTaylor AveGilbert Ave to Lodge Ave
Kathryn StWHOLE ***?***
Louisiana StMissouri StSecond Ave to Fulton Ave
Main StNorth from Riverside Ave ***?***
McCormick AveMorton Ave 
McDonald StKerth Ave 
Missouri StOregon Stfrom Heinlein Ave (Fourth Ave) to Fulton Ave
Morris StMorton Ave 
Mulberry StE Mulberry StEast from Grant St (Judson St)
Nevada StLouisiana StThird Ave to Fulton Ave
Ohio StForest AveMcDowell Ave to Lemcke Ave
Park LnPark PlRiverside Ave to Sunset Park
Powell AveE Powell AveEast from angle at Parrett St
Riverside AveE Riverside AveEast from angle west of Howard St
Reis AveDreier BlvdMarion Ave to Forest Ave
Reis AveForest AveDreier Blvd to McDowell Ave
Richardt BlvdHillcrest TerBarker Ave to Dreier Blvd
Rose AveFares AveDivision St to Columbia St
Ross AveWillow RdLincoln Ave to Virginia St
Rowley StElliott St 
Second AveMarket StDivision St to Pennsylvania St
2nd StEmmett StEmmett St to Riverside Ave
Walnut StE Walnut StEast from angle at 11th St
Water StRiverside AveLocust St to Pigeon Creek
Austin AveHartmetz AveTekoppel Ave to L&NRR
Chandler AveBayard Park DrWeinbach Ave to Taft Ave
Evelyn AveMarion AveIngle Ave to Barker Ave
Ewing AveMonroe Ave 
Helen AveMarion AveTekoppel Ave to Walker Ave
Helen AveHartmetz AveL&NRR to Leslie St
Kenwood AveE Powell AveWeinbach Ave to Taft Ave
Poplar AveAustin AveTekoppel Ave to L&NRR
Powell AveE Chandler AveWeinbach Ave to Taft Ave
Rose AveFares AveColumbia St to Morgan Ave
Saunders AveHarriett St 
Slaughter AveDivision StEast from Weinbach Ave
Woods AveElm StZiegler Ave to Cook Ave (Forest Ave)***?***

For additional street changes, please view the street listing for individual streets.