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Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church

Zion AME Church


Zion AME Church

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1204 N Fulton Ave, formerly 1704 Fulton Ave
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

1886 Church is built
>1962 razed


West side of Fulton Ave across from Nevada (Louisiana)
District: Blankenburg
Latitude: 37.988819
Longitude: -87.581136
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zion african me (colored) formerly in frame building on e tenn 1886 AME Zion Church 1704 fulton [1887]-[1910] 235 Zion Church AME * Methodist 1704 Fulton Avenue 1887 - 1889 Fulton 236 Zion Church AME * Methodist 1704 Fulton Avenue 1890 -1910 Fulton founded mid 1870s incorporated 1886 by 1890s fulton and nevada AM EZ church 1895-62 ame zion church 1910-45 ame zion church 1962-45 razed >1962 known as hood's chapel/hoods chapel ame zion hood's temple/hoods temple colored church in north end of city used as school (third ave school)

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