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Weber's, Fred Malt House

Weber's, Fred Malt House


Weber's, Fred Malt House

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114-116 Fourth Ave
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

c1860 Malt house built
c1900 Surprise Bed Spring Co
c1930 torn down


West side of Fourth Ave between Illinois and Franklin
District: Lamasco
Latitude: 37.979971
Longitude: -87.579657
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1865 operated by wack after he left crescent brewery 1868 CD Franklin Brewery, Fred Weber & Bro. At the corner of Franklin and 4th Ave. fred Weber's malt ho 1884-13a 1895-28 franklin brewery c1871-1880

1910-21 suprise bed spring co surprise bed spring 114 fourth ave [1917] still around 1925 as furniture factory (photo 10-25-25 courier)

torn down c1930 for church

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