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Walsh Baking Co

Walsh Baking Co


Walsh Baking Co

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400 N Main St, formerly 1600-1602 Main St
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

c1905 New factory built
1911 expanded up N Main
2002 razed


Northwest corner of Main and Michigan
District: North Main
Latitude: 37.981204
Longitude: -87.56403
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built c1910 >1895 <1910 replaced Evansville Roller Flour Milling Co used old building for first few years? jan 1911 [1922] 1600 main expanded to 404 1911 making it "one of the largest and finest bakeries in IN brubaker sgtern & boyle arch

walsh baking co closed during 1930s depression 1938 royal crown 7/21/38 ec + pic

by 1955 Gem Furniture Warehouse Store Damaged in Holl & Korn fire Dec 1963

later was occupied by Royal Crown Bottling, Gem Furniture Inc., Thrifty Plumbing Supply and, most recently, Kawlagi Flea Market. later flea market

razed 2002 for turnois parking lot

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