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Heilman Plow Works

Heilman Plow Works
Heilman Plow Works

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a.k.a. Vulcan Plow Company

a.k.a. City Foundry

formerly 101-27 Lower 1st St
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

1847 Heilman Plow Works is established
1890 Renamed Vulcan Plow Works
Back half of block is razed. Only 1st st buildings remain


North corner of 1st St and Ingle St
District: Downtown
Latitude: 37.973047
Longitude: -87.576792
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Roman God Vulcan atop building now in courthouse The City Foundry was formed by William Heilman and his brother in-law Christian Katz originally established in 1847 by William Heilman changed to Vulcan Plow Works after the death of heilman in 1890 heilman plow co renamed vulcan toward the end of the century when mr hielman died and plant went to son (charles) and son in law heilman machine(ry) works pine st (clark st) from first to second c1847 pine st near 2nd and goodsell heilman and brother in law christian kratz parapet under tower (1st st alley) reads "HEILMAN PLOW WORKS" partnership 1845 fronted pine 1884 city foundry later heilman machinery works (after katz retired) made two brass cannons for civil war (one in sunset park and one at an emplacement foot of coal mine hill 1888-52 Heilman Machine Works* block of ingle pine 1st and 2nd 1888-53 Heilman Plow Works* block of ingle pine 1st and 2nd first between court and ingle

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razed may 1957 small part at rear of offices still stands 112 ingle st c1870/1910/c1970

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