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Union Township School No. 6

Union Township School No. 6


Union Township School No. 6

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a.k.a. Kamp School

Seminary Rd
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

c1880 built
1928 School closes
1933 Converted into a community center
1937 School demolished


East side of Seminary Rd south of Cypress Dale Rd
District: Union Township
Latitude: 37.903235
Longitude: -87.656958
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union twp #6 built >1876 <1880 1880 1899 (not in 1930s) #6 seminary rd between tie back road and bayou creek c1898 land sold for (new?) kamp school two-story

Burgdorf and Edmond Grove Schools consolidated into Kamp c1923. The "Upper End School" was the only remaining school in upper section of Union Twp

kamp elementary [c1930] closed 1928 and consolidated with barker

Made into a community center 1933

1937 Flood damaged Kamp school beyond repair. The property was sold in 1941.

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