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Stringtown School

Stringtown School
Stringtown School

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a.k.a. Center Township School No. 1

Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

1869 School is built
1897 Rebuilt
1950s additions


Northwest corner of Mill Rd and Stringtown Rd
District: Center Township
Latitude: 38.021743
Longitude: -87.562891
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first met in old north church 1855 A building was erected in 1869 on the site where Stringtown Elementary School presently exists.

In 1897 the old building was torn down and the present building was erected. 1876 map - grid 5 in 1880 and 1889 atlas looks like 2 in 1899? no 1 at old north church stringtown (rebuilt) acquired by evsc in 1950s when area of city was annexed stringtown center twp 1876 map block 5 stringtown 1897, additions 1937, 1955, 1957, 1968 stringtown colored school met in old north church through >1916 Stringtown school celebrates 150th -

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