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Schaefer & Son Funeral Home

Schaefer & Son Funeral Home
Schaefer & Son Funeral Home

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311 NW 5th St, originally 11 Lower 5th St
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

c1880 Schaefer, undertaker
1913 Becomes Schaefer & Son Funeral Home
1971 Remodeled
1973 Funeral home goes bankrupt, later becomes Evansville Housing Authority


Northeast side of 5th St between Ingle and Court
District: Downtown
Latitude: 37.975149
Longitude: -87.572226
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Joseph Schaefer undertaker c1880

Rebuilt 1913? or added on sketch 4/29/28

Remodeled 1971 as Schaefer-Dorsey Funeral Home. New front with portico facing Court St (500 Court St) and parking lot built on the corner

Funeral home underwent foreclosure 1973 Small Business Association (SBA) acquired property in 1975 at auction but had trouble selling. Later >1976 became Evansville Housing Authority

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