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2-4 SE Riverside Dr

2-4 SE Riverside Dr


2-4 SE Riverside Dr

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2-4 se riverside 300-2 upper water / 1-7 Main St
Evansville, IN

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East corner of (Water) Riverside and Main
District: Downtown
Latitude: 37.969301
Longitude: -87.575214
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The Old State National Bank was established in 1834 as a branch of the Old State Bank of Indiana. Its first location was a temporary quarters at Main St and Water St (Riverside). 1-3nw? side of building?

The bank moved in 1835 across the street to a new building. old state national/old national bank moves to 20 main st 1837 mitchell block extended to alley (s side water and main) se side main bet water and 1st (not marble block) saloon 1895-06 hotel richards 1910-151 replaced by gas sta 300 hotel richmond / ragon & tibbs 1897 300 hotel richmond 1910 razed

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