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Old Marine Hospital

Old Marine Hospital


Old Marine Hospital

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a.k.a. Original St. Mary's Hospital

a.k.a. St. Mary's #1

916 W Ohio St
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

1856 Marine Hospital is built
1870 Hospital discontinues its operation and vacates building
1872 St Mary's renovates building and opens hospital
1894 St Mary's moves to new site on First Ave
1912 Building is razed


Ohio St between 10th Ave and Wabash Ave
District: Independence
Latitude: 37.976527819768
Longitude: -87.594734430313
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Style: Neo-Renaissance


ground borken 1853 The Old US Marine Hospital was built in 1856 by the Federal government on the banks of the Ohio River. The marine hospital, which was a three-story brick building, tended for ill and injured river men.

in 1856 map The marine hospital closed within a few years and vacated around 1870. after the war was sold. (side note: a new marine hospital would open in 1888)

In 1872, the Daughters of Charity acquired the property and began to prep the Old Marine Hospital as the first St Mary's Hospital (founded 1827). When an unexpected guest stopped in for treatment on July 16, it marked the hospital's opening.

St Mary's moved to its new site on First Avenue in 1894. After that, the building was used as a low-grade tenement house.

The Old Marine Hosptial was demolished circa 1912.


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