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Never-Split Seat Co

Never-Split Seat Co

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a.k.a. Crawford Door Sales

1701 N Heidelbach, formerly 1400-1408 Morgan Ave
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

1909 Never-Split Seat Co
1944 Hoosier Cardinal
<1961 S S & S Manufacturing
1962 Fiberfill
Crawford Door Sales


corner of Morgan and Heidelbach
District: Enterprise
Latitude: 37.992671
Longitude: -87.560759
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crawford door sales orginally never-split (toilet) seat co 1909 designed by frank j schlotter IR NSS still around 1922

1944 acquired by hoosier cardinal co plant no 2

s s and s manufacturing until 1961

later fiberfill 1962 (founded 1956) fiberfill

plans to move to new plant in 1973 on n st joe (5400) then crawford door sales (still in 1984)

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