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Melrose Milling Co

Melrose Milling Co


Melrose Milling Co

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formerly 728 W Ohio St
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

c1876 Great Western Mill moves from old location
1882 Becomes Melrose Milling Co
1906 Destroyed by fire


Southeast corner of Ohio St and 9th Ave
District: Independence
Latitude: 37.976589
Longitude: -87.591797
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built c1876 moved from old location on Fulton Ave henry vahlberg flour mill [1877-1881] not in 1882 vacant?

Becomes Melrose 1882 acquired by yosemite but retains name c1883 The mill was acquired by Yosemite Mills c1882, which moved in after its old location burned down.

The mill was claimed by fire 12 years later (c1894) as was the case with the previous Yosemite Mills. (rebuilt?) uses name of melrose <1900 Had offices at BMA

major fire may 29 1906 with becker wagon works and maley saw mill no plans to rebuild not in 1910 sanborn merged with akin-erskine

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