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Mechanics Planing Mill

Mechanics Planing Mill


Mechanics Planing Mill

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516 N Main St, formerly 1716 Main St
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

1887 Planing mill built
1893 Becomes Mechanics' Planing Mill
1948 Destroyed by fire


Southwest corner of Main and Iowa
District: North Main
Latitude: 37.982765
Longitude: -87.564034
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Ohio Valley Planing Mill build mill after old one burns 1887 tower on ne corner

1893 renamed mechanics' planing mill

razed >1929 <1962 Site of Gehlhausen Paints 1938 receivership a-one building co c1939 (william johann) A-1 Building Co bankrupt 1943 bought by Machinists Union Nov 1943 for office and meeting hall hercules lodge 1231

4-18-1945 bought by cash and carry furniture co (at 519 N Main since 1930) plans new site after war

cash and carry furniture large fire 2-7-48ec +pics, 2-7-48ep +pic rebuilt? kueblers cash and carry 1949 (now Gehlhausen Paints) what furniture co? 1949

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