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Ingleside School

Ingleside School


Ingleside School

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2834-6 Egmont, formerly 1-3 Egmont/E St
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

1899 School is built
1908 Second story added
1920 School closed
c1960 Converted to apts
c1970 School is razed


South side of Egmont St between Barker and Broadway
District: Ingleside
Latitude: 37.965905
Longitude: -87.609291
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ingleside built 1899 opened jan 1900 (1/9/1900 article) ingleside school built <1901 1-3 E St, Ingleside first appears in cd 1902 1-3 egmont st howell south side of egmont between barker and broadway 2nd story added 1908 pigeon twp later taken over by city when howell annexed listed as perry twp in old cd ? proposed closed 1920 split to Howell centennial and reitz requested to reopen 1923, howell enlarged instead? rebuilt? reopened? 1960s apts built <1906 apts <1962 razed >1962 <1981

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