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Twelfth Avenue Colored School

Twelfth Avenue Colored School


Twelfth Avenue Colored School

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a.k.a. Independence Colored School

formerly 1203 W Delware St
Evansville, IN 47712

Quick Timeline

1902 School is built
1923 Evansville Blind Assoc broom factory
1930 First Church of Fundamentals moves in
1955 Razed for new church building


Northwest corner 12th Ave and Delaware
District: Independence
Latitude: 37.984381
Longitude: -87.59907
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twelfth ave colored school 3rd st building from Canal St School dismanted reassembled exactly same at new location by 1903 abandoned 1912 kids consolidated into Third Ave Colored School 1923 Light House for the blind previously in old police sta had to move because of addition 1927 had to move school sold property to old hose house 4 (DID NOT HAPPEN) [1940] first church of the fundamentals 2301 w delaware 4/18/30 bought old school still around 1946 mt auburn aerial 1930 Berean 2-18-55 sketch of new church c1947 renamed berean bible church torn down Feb 1955 berean bible church (710 n 12th). berean founded 1930s may have used old building

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