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Howell Library

Howell Library
Howell Library

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1506 Delmar Ave
Evansville, IN

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1937 Howell Library finally opens after being delayed by the 1937 Flood
1993 Library closes


se corner of delmar ave and dearborn st
District: Howell
Latitude: 37.960254472196
Longitude: -87.612479925156
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In 1936, Howell Branch Library was constructed. The grand opening was set for January 1937. This opening was delayed because Evansville was under water from the 1937 flood. The new Howell Library had a basement filled with water. This branch eventually opened in 1937. built by WPA

The library was closed in 1992. The building was sold and is now a family residence.


In the 1910s, the Evansville Library created deposit stations around town for convenience. Prior to having its own building, the library used the second floor of the Howell Hose House (1921) and before that a room at the Old Daniel Wertz school.

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