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Gilbert Hospital

Gilbert Hospital
Gilbert Hospital

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401 Harriet St
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

1897 Gilbert Hospital opens
1910 Building is vacated when hospital moves to new location
1913 Building is remodeled and becomes apartments


Northeast corner of Harriet St and Michigan St
District: North Main
Latitude: 37.981329205912
Longitude: -87.569446563721
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The Mary Jane Gilbert Sanitarium was begun by Dr. William H Gilbert in November 1897 in honor of his wife.

In 1910, the hospital moved to its new location at Riverdside and Walnut.

Remodeled and converted into Gilbert apartments 1913 ejn 8/3/13 floor is removed and convertd into 6 apartments plans by Manson Gilbert

By 1962, the building minus its 3rd story. Even today, the building preserves much of its original appearance.

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