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Evansville Gas Works

Evansville Gas Works


Evansville Gas Works

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Evansville, IN

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<1880 built
1942 Razed


sw corner 5th and penn
District: Lamasco
Latitude: 37.977238
Longitude: -87.582943
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<1888 >1927 Vectren will soon be putting up a large tent and work area to clean up the old MPG Plant, which sat near the site of the old Brake Supply building. The MPG Plant was a facility that produced manufactured gas from 1852 until 1930. gone by 1962 Its product was used to fill the gas lights used to light Evansville streets during that time. The site was never cleaned up when it went out of business. Vectren is doing the work because the company is a predecessor of the power company

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