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2305 W Franklin St

2305 W Franklin St
2305 W Franklin St

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2305 W Franklin St, formerly 1205 W Franklin St
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

1918 Commercial building is constructed as business investment
1919 Franklin Laundry Company opens as previous tenents fail to thrive
1923 Legget & Son takes over facility
2000s Heartland Rehabilitation


District: Independence
Latitude: 37.980794324633
Longitude: -87.599256634712
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Style: Commercial Vernacular


the construction of this two-story brick structure was a project of the west side investment company. Incorporated in 1913, the company was one of several associations of West Side businessmen formed in the early years of this century for the purpose of promoting the growth and development of the community west of Pigeon Creek through real estate ventures. The building, replacing an 1870s one-story frame structure that had originally served as a grocery store for Independence residents, was designed in 1917 and constructed in 1918 for lease to the Red Star Laundry. However, the project took on a new dimension when the lessees failed to get their enterprise off the ground. Instead, the first occupant of the building was the Fraknlin Laundry Company, a concern founded in May 1919 by six members of the investment company, who brought in a man from St. Louis, Missouri, to manage the new laundry operation. In 1923, shortly after the Franklin Laundry went out of business, the building served for several years as a branch store for Charles C Leggett & Son, a vendor of bicycles and automotive accessories.


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