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Evansville Foundry

Evansville Foundry
Evansville Foundry

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1-5 Read St / 15 Read St
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

1873 Evansville Foundry Association builds plant
Advance Stove Works
1950s Advance Stove Works closed


Northeast corner of Read St and Pennsylvania St / Southeast corner of Read St and Indiana St
District: North Main
Latitude: 37.977886
Longitude: -87.568219
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evansville foundry assoc 1873 builds plant evansville foundry association building penn st at head of 9th (9th and division) (formerly Ann St) n side Penn near Washington St 1874 cd. the company was later incorporated 1883

1905 EFA moves to old evv cabinet property (propr dieckmann) becomes advance stove works when EFA moves advance stove company/works propr dauble and sonntag

Around 1908, new offices built at corner indiana (21 Read St) replacing old cooper shop

213 penn angled front railroad spur rear of advance stove works built >1895 <1910

advanced stove works closed >1940 <1962

plumbing supplies 1962

now benthall brothers moved c1960s? rear building (213 W Penn) is Mattress Factory showroom since 1980s When the building at 201 Penn was not enough space for Superior Mattress Co, we started leasing the building next to us at 213 Penn. I believe the owner's name was Bert Horn. He then sold the building to Benthal Brothers who own the rest of the foundry building at 15 Read St. In 1990 our family opened Mattress Factory Showroom Inc at the 213 W Division Street location and is still there. In 2006 we launched Superior Mattress Inc in honor of my Uncle Charlie also in the same building. 213 Penn was known as Advance Stove Works as well. Superior Mattress Inc Mattress Factory Showroom Inc

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