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Evansville Brewery

Evansville Brewery
Evansville Brewery

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a.k.a. Evansville Brewing Company

401 NW 4th St
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

1891 construction begins
1894 Joins Evansville Brewing Association
1914 Brewing ceased
1918 Dixie Motors
1969 Bruckens moves in


NW 4th and Ingle
District: Downtown
Latitude: 37.975555241826
Longitude: -87.573502063751
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Evansville Brewery opened c1890 henry wimberg headed brewery

evansville brewing assoc began constr in 1891 along with several others at 4th and ingle 1911 stock house built (here or fulton ave)

Hartmetz and Son Brewery, Evansville Brewery and Fulton Ave Brewery merged to form the Evansville Brewing Association in 1893 in an effort to protect small breweries. This association was reportedly the result of a price war between the larger F.W. Cook Brewery and the non-affiliated breweries in town. The main office went to the Fulton Avenue Brewery and the others were eventually closed. Brewing ceased at this location 1914 and the building sat vacant for years Evansville Branch of Evansville Brewing Association

Becomes Dixie Motors car dealership 1918 when Hartmetz ventured into the auto industry Hartmetz Brothers

The building has served as the home of Bruckens Restaurant Supply since 1969. The EBA's office's Brucken's Annex, built in 1894, is in the Indiana Register of Historic Sites and Structures. The brewery has been demolished.

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