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Crescent City Foundry

Crescent City Foundry


Crescent City Foundry

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a.k.a. Reitz & Haney

a.k.a. Bernardin Bottle Cap Co

329 NW 4th St, formerly 31 First Ave
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

<1858 Crescent City Foundry is built
1881 Hopkins & Roberts
c1890 Bernardin Bottle moves in
c1960 Razed


East corner of First Ave (4th St) and Ingle St
District: Downtown
Latitude: 37.975192
Longitude: -87.573277
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Reitz Crescent Foundry 1858 crescent city foundry first in 1866 john a reitz & co crescent foundry and machine shops established 1857 on water st steam engines boilers machinery 1866-7 nes canal corner of ingle

later reitz john a & haney john a 1878,1879 canal and ingle ingle and first av [1880] reitz john a & co 1881

hopkins and roberts 1881 (frank h and chas h roberts) successors to ja reitz & co machine shop and foundry 1882 crescent foundry still around in 1884 sanborn 1885 -1888 novelty machine works (hopkins only interest) 1889? vacant?

bernardin bottle cap company founded 1885/1881 moved from 1040 vine [1888] by 1891 c1890 ingle and first ave in letterhead c1900

fire jun 16 1944 bernardin moved <1949 foot of mt auburn termed last major downtown factory when moved 1948 old bldg for sale, new plant proposed maryland and mt auburn moved 1949 fire june 8 1956 (new or old site?) razed by 1962 later dura-bernadin 1981 later national can closure division 1984 now silgan


bernardine bottle cap co (extra E) in 1895 and 1910 sanborn

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