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Chestnut-Walnut School

Chestnut-Walnut School


Chestnut-Walnut School

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a.k.a. Walnut Street School

a.k.a. 9th St School

a.k.a. Chestnut School

910 Chestnut St / 216 SE 9th
Evansville, IN 47713

Quick Timeline

1867 9th St School is built
1894 New main building is erected on Chestnut St
1913 New school is built on Walnut St
1921 Addition replaces old 9th St building
>1962 Chestnut St building is torn down
>1981 Walnut St building is torn down
2009 Old gym building is razed


North corner of SE 9th St and Chestnut St
District: Downtown
Latitude: 37.97230758
Longitude: -87.56385684
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Style: Prairie School
Architect: Shopbell & Company

Its lines are beautiful and it is surmounted by a high tower, which gives it quite an imposing appearance.


Chestnut School, brought into demand by the rapid settlement of the city, was built in 1867. It was originally a 3-story building facing 9th St, aptly referred to as "Ninth Street School".

A new building fronting Chestnut St was built 1894. This building had the huge tower seen in most photos. The school then was more commonly referred as "Chestnut Street School"

The original 9th St building was torn down in 1913 to make way for a new one fronting Walnut St. When the new building was erected, the school became "Chestnut-Walnut School", though in some documents it was listed as "Walnut-Chestnut School."

A new building fronting 9th provided four additional classrooms as well as a gymnasium/auditorium were added in 1921. The neoclassical structure which was made of brick, was "well supplied with windows, furnishing the maximum of light and air." A centralized heating plant was installed under the building by which the two old buildings as well as the addition could be heated.

For some time the school served as a colored school The school closed 1962 kids go to Lincoln School

Chestnut St School was torn down sometime after 1962

Walnut St School was still standing and suggested as a museum, but torn down >1982 for warehouse. Only the 9th St addition remained, which was used as EVSC offices.

The 1920s addition was finally torn down during the summer of 2009. It was the last of the Chestnut-Walnut St School buildings and the school is now history.


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