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Carpenter School

Carpenter School


Carpenter School

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a.k.a. Lower School

450 Carpenter St
Evansville, IN 47710

Quick Timeline

1859-60 Carpenter School built
1878 Major rennovation changes front and addition is built
1957 School closes
1961 Building is razed


North side of Carpenter St between Clark St and Ingle St
District: Downtown
Latitude: 37.97496323
Longitude: -87.5762701
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The original building was a plain, three-story brick building. while it does not follow any particular style of architecture, it is a beautiful and massive building with a large arched entrance. The Carpenter school building has a handsome yard in front and is very near the central part of the city. It is at all times full.


Carpenter St School was erected in 1859 on Carpenter Street near the Willard Carpenter Home. The ground was purchased from the Willard Carpenter estate. Carpenter School was built because of overcrowding at the Canal Street School and it was built using the same design plan.

A major renovation in 1878 resulted in an addition to the school and a new facelift, making the updated school hardly recognizable from its previous look. A new 6-room building was added to the front of the existing one. Front of school has 1878 on it

Sometime around 1890 "Street" was dropped and the name was shortened to Carpenter School

After operating continuously for nearly 100 years, Carpenter was closed after the 1956-57 school year and tried to redeveloped 1960 demolished in 1961. WTVW Channel 7 Television Station is now located on this site.


Carpenter School was known as "The Lower School" and Canal Street School was known as "The Upper School" in reference to their location to the Ohio River.

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