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Bosse Furniture Co

Bosse Furniture Co


Bosse Furniture Co

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a.k.a. Globe-Bosse-World Furniture Factory #2

originally 801 W Delaware St
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

1905 built
c1946 Destroyed by fire


Northwest corner of Delaware St and Ninth Ave
District: Independence
Latitude: 37.984426
Longitude: -87.592428
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Bosse Furniture Co. was founded by seven businessmen in 1905: Ben Bosse, Ed Ploeger, Chas. Diekman, Albert Karges, John Boehne, and Al Riechman. 9th and maryland 800 9th ave 1910 merged -gbw 1955 north side of 1900 delaware bet wabash and 9th hayes truck terminal destroyed in a roaring inferno jan 31 1946 gone in 1946 aerial gone in 1956 bridge dedication photo where post office now is


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