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B'nai Israel

B'nai Israel


B'nai Israel

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Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

1864-5 built
c1903 razed for manual training school


East corner 6th and Division (Court)
District: Downtown
Latitude: 37.975127
Longitude: -87.570667
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organized 1857 secured a building for services and school 1857 (same year) cornerstone aug 25 1864 Completed 1865 corner of 6th and court (division) 1888-5 Thos. Scantlin & Son Iron Founders e corner 6th and division (bnai?) probably a J? still at division and 6th in 1900 across from the ymca and diagonally across from old central moved to Washington Avenue Temple in 1903, but modified structurally to be part of the HS building moorish saracenic style cost of $45,000 when moved, sold to a c rosencranz who presented it to a school board for an industrial arts school, Manual Training School later an integral part of Old Central oldest portion (older than original 1868 section) can see some details on side of building including moorish ornamentation brickwork and pitch of roof 19 B'nae Isreal Jewish Corner Division & 6th ST 1876 - 1903 6th 31 Benai Isreal Hebrew Temple corner 6th & Division 1871 - 1872 6th 34 Benai Isreal Jewish Temple corner 6th & Division 1866 -1875 6th founded 1857? wall exposed by central fire jan 1948 balcony extended to create 2nd floor

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