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Blackman Floral Co

Blackman Floral Co


Blackman Floral Co

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originally Gum St, 401-3 Chandler Ave
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

c1872 Wm Blackman builds greenhouse and floral business
c1900 Opens store on Main St and relocates greenhouse to east side
Torn down for houses


East corner of Gum St (Chandler Ave) and 4th St
District: Washington
Latitude: 37.965687
Longitude: -87.566081
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William Blackman florist started his business c1872 at the corner of 4th and Gum (Chandler) c1880 he builds a house next door to his business house next door 407 gum lived next door at 405 Chandler green house and office dealer in green house and bedding plants, particluar attention given to floral decorations, cut flowers a specialty

expanded to northwest corner 4th and powell c1890

floral store 302 main 1898, corner of 4th and powell no longer listed rose farm outer slaughter ave 1899 1900 office and floral store 402 main st, greenhouse moved too houses built c1900 401 and 403 moved to 1015 u 4th (815 se) 1902 house built on site of old greenhouses incorporated july 1903 as wm blackman floral co

1922 ne corner of heidelbach around c1960 sold land to ben franklin/wesselman complex

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