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409-411 SE 1st St

409-411 SE 1st St

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409-411 SE 1st St, formerly 709 upper 1st
Evansville, IN

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1881-3 House is built
1919 Becomes girls dormitory for Evansville College


District: Riverside
Latitude: 37.96608884823
Longitude: -87.571632564068
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Henry M. Sweetser1881-83 queen anne sweetser h m - 709 upper 1st (409-411 SE 1st) henry m sweetser and frank g caldwell brothers in law partners in sweetser caldwell and co's pioneer notion house (fancy dry goodes notions and mens furnishings)

converted 1919 sweetser sweetzer hall girls dormitory evansville college s 1st st 709 u 1st/711 s 1st, pic 8-24-1919ec

1936 converted to marion apartments 9-27-36ecj +pic interior 2-23-66ep +pic in 1977 apts front stairs missing and brick fence removed when built each side of this interesting eastlake flavored double house was a mirror image of the other inside and out proche posts resemble upside-down table legs, window lintels with a fringed motif, "fish scale" (imbricated) slate roof, and limestone quoins which accent the angles of the polygonal bays

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