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Archer Residence (124 SE 1st)

Archer Residence (124 SE 1st)

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124 SE 1st St, originally 426 Upper 1st St / 110 Walnut St
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

c1870 House is built
c1920 House expanded with entrance on Walnut
c1980 House expanded connecting with carriage house


North corner of 1st and Walnut
District: Riverside
Latitude: 37.968511
Longitude: -87.572939
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offices of dr william h field built c 1870 for samuel archer doctor charles Leich and also dr william h field

expanded with entrance on Walnut (110 Walnut) c1920 for doctors office?

>1962 house expands to carriage house covering most of lot

See also Residences / Domestic Riverside district

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