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12th Avenue General Baptist Church

12th Avenue General Baptist Church


12th Avenue General Baptist Church

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a.k.a. Independence General Baptist Church

10 N Twelfth Ave / 2300 W Indiana St, formerly 1200-1202 W Indiana St
Evansville, IN

Quick Timeline

1886 Church built
c1970 Vacated when new church built
<2000 Razed


Southwest corner of Indiana St and 12th Ave
District: Independence
Latitude: 37.978537
Longitude: -87.5992
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general baptist church organized 1866 1867 built church at south side indiana between wabash and 10th (1874-1885) 26 Baptist Church Baptist North side of 5th (indiana) between Wabash & 10th Ave. 1870 - 1873 Indiana 89 General Baptist Church Baptist South side Indiana between Wabash & 10th Ave. 1874 - 1885 Indiana 96 German Baptist Church Baptist South side 5th (Indiana) between Wabash & 10th Avenues 1871 - 1872 5th twelfth ave baptist twelfth ave general baptist west side relocated down indiana to 12th sw corner 1886 /1885 127 Independence Gen Bapt Baptist SW corner of Indiana ST & 12th Avenue 1892 - 1895 225 Twelfth AV Gen Baptist Baptist SW cprner Indiana ST and 12th Avenue 1900 - 1910 1900 renamed 12th ave gen bapt 1907 new building expanded 1920/30 predecessor of 2nd bapt independence? sold to mead johnson 1988 2300 w indiana in 1976 sunday school rooms caty-corner? moved caty-corner to life choice bldg <1977 2225 w indiana 1977 not in IR razed <1993? razed to parking lot by 2000 now westwood church on Boehne Camp Rd

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