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Knight Township District

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formed 1840 (5/6th) ohio river 8/9 north to border west to co line south to ohio river named after isaac knight settler




Our Reedemer Lutheran
Union Christian Church
Church (Helmuth Ave)
Angel Cemetery aka: Gibson Cemetery
Nebo Church aka: Hebron Cumberland Presbyterian
Hebron Cemetery aka: Knight Cemetery
James Cemetery aka: Aiken's Landing Cemetery
Park Lawn Cemetery
Little Sisters of the Poor aka: St John's Home for the Aged
Protestant Home for the Aged aka: Old Folks' Home
Thornton Home
Old Caze School aka: Knight Township School No. 3, Case School, Mann School
Caze School aka: Case School, Mann School
James School aka: Old Knight Township School No. 3
Harlan Ave School
Lodge School
Old Hebron School
Terry School aka: Knight Township School No. 4
Aiken School aka: Knight Township School No. 5
Old Vogel School aka: Knight Township School No. 6
Burkhardt School aka: Knight Township School No. 7
Smythe School aka: Knight Township School No. 9
Harper School aka: Knight Township School No. 12
Hose House No. 16
Woodmere Hospital aka: Southern Indiana Hospital for the Insane, Evansville State Hospital
Holsclaw Bros
Korb house
1332 Lincoln
1400 Lincoln
Dr. Pearl B. Combs
Dr. Gordon B. Underwood
W C Dyer
Schnute House
Dr Victor H Knapp
1437 Lincoln
Henry J Kersting
1911 Lincoln
Norbert/Norman Kahn
John Heynes
Koenemann Residence (2200 Lincoln)
2201 Lincoln
Bernardin-Johnson House
Bernardin Residence (508 S Boeke)
Lambert D Johnson
Alan Mendenhall
Robert Acre house
Jacob Schmitt House
Varney Dixon
W F Viehe
W R Weller
Clarence Feldman
Bernardin Residence (2503 Lincoln)
Judge Phillip Gould
3115 Lincoln
Holzclaw house
3401 Lincoln
3405 Lincoln
3521 Lincoln
3515 Lincoln
Riecken house
5029 Lincoln
5121 Lincoln
5141 Lincoln
Leibundguth house
Alvan Birch
Igleheart, Edgar A., House
Lant Farm
Woods residence (6100 Newburgh)
6416 Newburgh Rd
7300 Newburgh Rd
7506 Newburgh Rd
8420 Newburgh Rd
14 S Ruston
2911 S Englewood
1450 E Riverside
1500 E Riverside
Angel residence (7800 Pollack)
Helmich Place (3221 Pollack)
Titzer farm (1704 s green river)
2400 S Green River Rd
baumgartner-hirsch farm
Cameron Mansion
Kemper Home (2002 N Willow)