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St Joseph Catholic Convent
St. John Catholic Church
St. Joseph Catholic (German Township)
Christ The King Catholic
Holy Rosary Catholic
Original First Baptist aka: Disciples of Christ, Christian Church
Walnut St Baptist
East Side Baptist
German Baptist
Grace Baptist
Calvary Baptist
Fares Ave Baptist
Kingsley Methodist
Free ME Church
St James Methodist (West)
First United Brtheren
Second Avenue Presbyterian
Olivet St Cumberland Presbyterian
Olivet Presbyterian
Olivet Presbyterian Manse
Cumberland Presbyterian Church (Colored) aka: Hardison Chapel
Oak Hill Presbyterian aka: Vogel's Church
Christ Lutheran
First Church of God
First Community Church
First Pentecostal
West Side Church of Christ
Hornby Cemetery
Oak Ridge Cemetery
Rescue Mission
Washington School
Reitz Memorial High School
Rex Mundi High School aka: Ivy Tech Community College
University of Evansville aka: Evansville College
Erie Canal
Audubon Memorial Bridge aka: Twin Bridges, Bistate Gold Star Vietnam War Memorial Bridges, IN-KY Bridge
First Ave Bridge
R & G Furniture Store
419-21 N Main
Walschmidt Daily Market
smith & butterfield
Day's Garage
Stop and Shop Supermarket
Browns Market
Schwambach Grocery
Gehlhausen Bros
Smith Auto
Old Blount Plow
vulcan plow works livery
Canal Mills
Surheinrich & Sons
Standard Brick
Evansville Public Service Co Central Power Plant
SIGECO Howell Substation
SIGECO Pump House
Excelsior Stove Works aka: Blemker Tillman & Co
Lindenschmidt Foundry
Gaines, W A Co
Evansville Chemical Works
Meier, Wm E
Crystal Pearl Co aka: Grocer Chemical Works, Indian Summer
National Refining (Wash & Ky)
Gas Station (Wash & Ky)
Standard Oil (Wash & Ky)
Britts Drugs
Woods Drug (Wash & Ky)
Emge Grocery
1009 S Kentucky
Berman Dept Store
George Koch Sons
International Harvester
Indian Refining Co
Ingleside Mine
Indiana Bell - East
schultze waltman & co
Indiana Canning Co
Crane Bros Lumber
Evansville Top and Panel
Illinois Fibre Co
Master Tool and Die
Smythe Tile Factory
Jacob Baker & Sons
Brown Derby
Mesker Park aka: Oak Summit Park
Sweezer Pond aka: Sweezer's Pond and Island
Dade Park aka: Ellis Park
Millers Clubhouse aka: Crockford Club House
Angel Mounds aka: A
Evansville Country Club
Crescent Club
Central Turners aka: Turner Hall
1219 S Linwood
954 Washington
956 Washington
960 Washington
951 Washington
955 Washington
861 Lincoln
869 Lincoln
871 Lincoln
901 Lincoln
1870 Marshall Ave
1015 Chestnut
1017 Chestnut
1315 E Chandler Ave
Helfrich Residence (1412 Mesker Park Dr)
619 Runnymeade aka: Roseanne house