Historic Evansville

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Businesses / Commercial

N Fulton
1 N Main
1-3 NW Riverside
10-12 SE 3rd
100 SE 5th St
1001 N Fulton
1009 S Kentucky
101 N Elliott
101-3 N Fulton
101-3 N Main
101-3 NW 3rd
101-7 NW Riverside Dr
1015 Main St
102 Main St
102-106 Upper 1st
104-8 Main St
1043 N Fulton
105-7 SE 2nd
106 NW 1st St
108-12 Upper 1st St
108-14 NW 1st St
109 N Fulton
1101-3 N Fulton
111 NW 4th St
1119-21 N Fulton
114 Main
116 Fulton
116-8 Main
119 Main St
120 Main
120-2 Upper 2nd
121 N Third
124 Main
12501 N Green River Rd
126 Main
1300 N Fulton
1304 N Fulton
1323-7 S Barker Ave
1331-7 S Barker Ave
14 NW 2nd St
14 SE 3rd St
14-6 Sycamore St
1418 W Franklin
15-7 N Main
1510 N First Ave
1518 S Governor
2-4 SE Riverside Dr
200 Mulberry
200 N Third Ave
201 Main
201 N Third Ave
2025 W Franklin
2027 W Franklin
203-5 Main
203-5 N Third Ave
205 NW 1st St
206 Main
207 Main
208 Main
209 Main
209 N Wabash Ave
21 N Main
210 Main
2104-6 W Franklin
211-3 Main
2110 W Franklin
2115 W Franklin
212 Main
2126 W Franklin
2129-2131 W Franklin
214 Main
215 Main
216 Fulton
216-8 Main
217 Main
219 Main
220-2 Main
2211 W Franklin
2215 W Franklin
222 Tavern
2221 W Franklin
224 Main
225 Main
226 Main
2301 W Franklin
2305 W Franklin St
2309 W Franklin
2311 W Franklin
2323-5 W Franklin
2330 W Franklin
25-7 Main
26-32 Main
30-2 Upper Water
300-2 Main
3032 N Fulton
304-6 Main
305-7 Main
308 Main
309-11 Main
310 Main
3101 Kratzville Rd
312-4 E Riverside
314 Main
317-9 Main
321-3 Main
324-6 E Riverside Dr
330 Main
400 N St Joe
401 E Riverside
401 Edgar St
401 Main
403 Main
404 Main
405 Main
406 Main
407 Main
408 Main
408-12 N Main
409 Main
410 Main
414 Main
414 N Main
416 N Main
416-8 Main
418 N Main
418-20 N Third Ave
419-21 N Main
420 Main
420 N Second Ave
422 Main
422 N Main
425 Main
428-30 W Penn
431 Main
444 Carpenter
4th St Market Area
5-7 N Main
5-7 NW Riverside
500 Main
502 Main
503-5 Main
504 Main
506 Main
507 Main
511 Main
513-5 Main
522 Main
600-2 Main
601 Main
603 Main
604-6 Main
605 Main
607 Main
608-10 Main
612-4 Main
616 Main
617-19 Main
618-20 Main
621-623 Main
622 Main
624 Main
625 Main
626 Court St
627 Main
629 Main
630 Main
700-708 N Fulton
800-10 N Fulton
801 N Fulton
801 NW 2nd St
821 W Indiana St
901 W Indiana St
927 Harmony Way
930 Main St
Adamant Wall Plaster Co
Akin-Erskine Milling Co
Akins Block
American Cleaners and Dyers
American Dairy
American Trust and Savings
Anchor Supply Co
Arcade Building
Armstrong Bros
Artes Building
Atlantic Gardens
Atlas Box Company
Auto Hotel Building
Barnett Walter drug store
Barrett's Britz Building
Barwe Butcher Shop
Bauer Building
Bayard Building
Beach & Fuller Co
Becker Bros Wagon Factory
BeeZee Tavern
Beiling Meat Market
Bement & Seitz
Berman Dept Store
Berryhill Malleable Iron Co
Bitterman Building (New)
Blackman Floral Co
Blomer Schulte & Rietman
Blount Plow Works
Boehne Building
Boetticher Kellogg Co
Bosse Furniture Co
Boston Store
Brinker Drug
Britts Drugs
Brose & Arnold Flour Mill
Brown Derby
Browning Milling Co
Browns Market
Bruning & Son
Buckskin Manufacturing Co
Buehner Chair Factory
Bunker Hill Milling Co
Business Men's Association
Cadick Poultry
Cafe Venice
Calumet Auto Co
Canal Bank
Canal Mills
Casino Bar
Caspar Mohr Grocery
Chandler's Block
Charley Auto Co
Chero Cola Bottling Co
Citizens' National Bank
City National Bank
Coca Cola Bottling Co
Columbia Pharmacy
Conen Commercial Block
Conner's Bookstore
Courier Building
Court Building
Crane Bros Lumber
Crescent Cigar Box
Crescent City Brewery
Crescent City Foundry
Crescent Furniture Factory
Crescent Stove Works
Crown Chair Co
Crown Pottery Co
Crystal Pearl Co
Culbertson Building
Currey Building
Daescher Building
Dailey's Style Shop
Darmstadt Inn
Dawson--Winslow Shop
Day's Garage
DeJeans Place
Deluxe Glass Co
Denny Sonntag Furniture Co
Denton, James F., Works Building
Detroy Grocery
Diamond Coal Mining Co
Dickman Block
Dogtown Inn
Dottie's Tavern
Duffy's Tavern
Duncan Shoe Repair
Dutch Korner
Dyer & Veatch Co
Eagle Brewery
Eagle Foundry and Stove Works
Eckler Garage
Eli D Miller
Eli D Miller Furniture Co
Emge Grocery
Erwin Bros General Store
Evansville Brewery
Evansville Brewery
Evansville Brewing Association Offices
Evansville Business Association
Evansville Cement Pipe Works
Evansville Chemical Works
Evansville Coffin Co
Evansville Desk Co
Evansville Electric & Manufacturing co
Evansville Electric Light Co
Evansville Enameling
Evansville Foundry
Evansville Furniture Co
Evansville Gas & Electric Light Co
Evansville Gas Works
Evansville Ice & Storage
Evansville Journal
Evansville Lumber Co
Evansville Marble Stone & Granite Co
Evansville Mattress and Couch Co
Evansville Metal Bed Co
Evansville Mirror and Beveling
Evansville Oil Co
Evansville Overall
Evansville Packing Co
Evansville Paper Mill
Evansville Planing Mill (original)
Evansville Planing Mill - Bus Body
Evansville Planing Mill Co
Evansville Plating Works
Evansville Precision Products
Evansville Press
Evansville Pretzel Works
Evansville Public Service Co Central Power Plant
Evansville Pure Milk Co
Evansville Roller Flour Milling Co
Evansville Stove Works
Evansville Supply Co
Evansville Taxi Cab Co
Evansville Tea & Coffee
Evansville Tool Works
Evansville Top and Panel
Evansville Trunk Co
Evansville Veneer Co
Evansville Woolen Mill
Excelsior Stove Works
F J Scholz Monument Works
F W Cook Brewing Co
Farmer's Hatchery & Supply
Farmers Trust Co
Farmers' Dairy
Faultless Caster Company
Fellwock Auto Company
Fendrich Building
Fendrich Cigar Factory
Finke Furniture Store
Finke Warehouse
Firestone Tire and Rubber Store
First Ave Brick and Tile Co
First Ave Coal Mines
First National Bank
Fischer Grocery
Five-Mile House
Folz Commercial Block
Francis Pharmacy
Frank's Supermarket
Franklin Bank and Trust
Franklin Drugs
Franklin St Antique Mall
Franklin St House
Fred's Bar
Fred's Garage
Fulton Gas Station
Gaines, W A Co
Gas Station (Fulton Ave)
Gas Station (Harmony Way & Wimberg)
Gas Station (Wash & Ky)
Gas station
Gas station (Riverside & Governor)
Gazebo Plants
Gehlhausen Bros
Geier, George Saloon
Geiger Moving & Storage
General Cigar Company
George Koch Sons
Gerke Building
German National Bank
Gerst Haus
Geupel, John M., Building
Gibson Motor Co
Gilbert Miller Dry Goods
Globe Furniture Co
Globe-Bosse-World Furniture
Globe-Bosse-World Furniture Factory
Goeke, Edward F
Gold Medal Dairy
Goldman's Pawn Shop
Goodwin Clothing Co
Gottman Building
Graham Brothers Truck Company
Graham Glass Works
Graham-Paige Automobile Company
Great Western Feed Store
Great Western Flouring Mills
Grim Auto
Grimm Lumber Co
Gross Building (117 Main)
Grote Manufacturing
Grusin Department Store
H Goedde
Hagedorn's Tavern
Haller T Chute Building
Handy Furniture Co
Harding and Miller Music Company
Hartmann Bakery Building
Hartmetz Brewery
Hartmetz Building
Haynie's Drug Store
Heilman Plow Works
Heimann and Heimann Stable
Heldt Co
Helfrich Saw and Planing Mill
Henry Hilgeman Building
Hercules Buggy Co
Hermann Building
Herrmann Bros Manufacturing Co
Herrmann, H Saw Mill
Highland Inn
Holsclaw Bros
Holt & Brandon Ice & Cold Storage Co
Hominy Mills
Hoosier Cardinal
Hoosier Stamping
Hopkins Dry Goods
Hornet's Nest
Howell Bakery
Howell Mortgage Bank
Howell Service Garage
Huber Motor Sales Building
Hughes Building
Hulman & Co Warehouse
Hulman Building
Huston Building
Hygrade Dairy
I Gans & Co
Ideal Dairy
Igleheart Bros
Igleheart Brothers Mill
Illinois Fibre Co
Imperial Desk Co
Indian Refining Co
Indiana Bell - East
Indiana Bell Building
Indiana Canning Co
Indiana Cooper Co
Indiana Stove Works
Indiana Tie Co
Indiana Trust and Savings Bank
Ingleside Mine
Inland Motor Co
International Harvester
International Steel
Isaac Berman Building
J B Mesker & Sons Cornice Works
J G Lannert & Son
J H Polsdorfer & son
J M Klenck & Co
J. Meyers & Bro Planing Mill
Jacob Baker & Sons
Joeys Bar
Johann, Albert & Sons
John L Newman
John Willem Grocery
Johnson Block
Johnson Building (407 E Riverside)
Johnson Building (408-10 E Riverside)
Johnstone, Wm L Drugstore
Journal-News Building
Karges Furniture
Karges Wagon Co
Kay's Place
Keck Commercial Rental Building
Keen Building
Keil Grocery and Saloon
Kempers Market
Kersting Grocery
Kerth Building
Klee Funeral Home
Kleinknecht Blacksmith Shop
Klingelhoefer Meat Market
Kneer General Store
Koch Convertograph
Koch, H. & Sons
Koester Saupert & Bro. Grocery
Krause Body Works
Krauss Laundry Co
Krieger-Ragsdale Building
Kronenberger & Barnett Stable
L Fritsch & Son
L. Puster & Company
Lahr's Department Store
Lamasco Bank
Lamasco Planing Mill
Lamasco Transfer
Lamplight Inn
Landmark Building
Lannert & Barenfanger
Lannert & Rickwood
Laval Block
Lensing Wholesale
Lensing, H A
Lincoln Cotton Mill
Lincoln Motor Company
Lindenschmidt Foundry
Little, S W Saw Mill
Long Building
Lorenz Building
Luigs Butter
M Lyon
Mackey Building
Mackey Nisbet & Co
Magpie Restaurant
Maley & Wertz Lumber
Manhattan Bar
Mann-Schmitt Motor Co
Mannheimer, R
Master Tool and Die
Maxwell Garage
McCorkle Planing Mill
McFerson and Foster Box Factory
Mead Johnson
Mechanics Planing Mill
Meier, Wm E
Melrose Milling Co
Melzer & Co Soap Factory
Merchants' National Bank
Mesker, Geo. L & Co
Metal Furniture Co
Meyers Meats Building
Mid-West Federal
Midwest Remodeling
Mill (1300 E Columbia)
Miller, A Signs
Miller, Fred Bakery
Mitz Saloon
Modern Maid Factory
Monitor Furniture Co
Montgomery Ward Building
Moutoux Garage
Municipal Market
Naas-Sanderson Co
National Furniture Co
National Refining (Wash & Ky)
Neitert Produce Co
Never-Split Seat Co
Newman, H. G. Plumbing Company
Newton Kelsay Co
Niedermeyer Saloon
Niednagel Floral
Nienabar-Damron Building
Nisbet Inn
North Side Bank
North Side Hardware
Nunley Terminal Warehouse
Nunn Better Milling Co
O'Donnell Building
O.K. Bakery
Old Bittermann Building
Old Blount Plow
Old Brewery
Old Citizens' National Bank
Old Fellwock Auto Garage
Old Fendrich Cigar Factory
Old Mill
Old National Bank
Old Parsons & Scoville
Old State National Bank
Olive Branch Brewery
Original Citizens' National Bank
Orr Block
Orr Iron Company
Orr Iron Company
Overell Building
P H Reddinger Carving Works
Parsons & Scoville Building
Paul & Ortmeyer
Pearl Steam Laundry
Peerless Laundry
Peerless Pottery
Peoples Savings Bank
Peter Hess Residence and Meat Market
Pfeifer Saloon
Phoenix Flour
Plumbers Supply Co
Pride's Garage
Puder, Fred Co
Purity Dairy Co
R & G Furniture Store
Ragon Brothers
Ragon Brothers
Ragon Brothers Warehouse
Raphael Bros Dry Goods Co
Rastatter's Bakery
Rechtin Lumber Company
Red Spot
Red Spot Factory
Regal Furniture Co
Reitz Sawmill
Reitz, Clemens Sawmill
Ridgeway Building
Rietman & Schulte Saw Mill
Ritter Confectionary
River Bend
Riverside Pharmacy
Rosenberger Klein & Co Warehouse
SIGECO Fulton Substation
SIGECO Garvin Substation
SIGECO Howell Substation
SIGECO Pump House
Sam's Cleaners
Savoy Theater
Scantlin Stove Works
Schaefer & Son Funeral Home
Schapker & Sansom
Schelosky & Co Table Manufactory
Schelosky Table Co
Scherffius Department Store
Schmadel Packing Co
Schmidt Greenhouse
Schmitt Grocery (301 N Main)
Schnute Holtmann Planing Mill
Schreeder Building
Schroeder Headlight Co
Schulte Drug Store
Schultz, J. H., Company Shoes
Schultze, Thuman & Co
Schwambach Grocery
Scotsman Ice
Siegel's Department Store
Siegel's Watch Shop
Smith Auto
Smith, E Q
Smith, E Q Chair Co
Smythe Tile Factory
Southern Stove Works
Southern Stove Works Foundry
Southwestern Broom Manufacturing Co
Sowders Theo
Specialty Furniture
Specialty Furniture Co
St Joseph Inn
St Wendel garage
Standard Brick
Standard Brick Manufacturing Co
Standard Oil (Wash & Ky)
Standard Oil Co
Steel Scaffolding Co
Steierer Saloon
Sterling Brewery
Stinson Bros
Stop and Shop Supermarket
Stratman's Pharmacy
Stremming Lumber Co
Sunbeam Appliance Co
Sunnyside Coal Mine
Sunnyside Flour Mills
Super A & P
Surheinrich & Sons
Telephone Building
Temple Manufacturing Co
The Pit Barbell Club
Tri-State Ford Co
Tri-State Implement Co
Tri-state Motors Co
Triangle Overall Co
Turley-Harmon Building
Uawdinks' Brick Yard
Uhl Pottery Co
Union Brewery
Union Elevator
Union Grain Elevator
Union Stockyards
Unity Coal Mines
Van Pickerill Hardware
Vickery Bros
Von Behren Manufacturing Co
W F Epmeier Druggist
W H Dyer Co
W H Small Feed and Grain Co
Wabash Valley Motors Co
Wahnsiedler Store-Apartments
Waldschmidtt Grocery
Walschmidt Daily Market
Walsh Baking Co
Walton Motor Co
Warren Geo W & Co / Patrick & Wilson Books
Washington Brewery
Weber's, Fred Malt House
Weirbaugher, H. W. Co
Werner Building
West Side Bank
West Side Honda
West Side Lumber
Western Brewery
White Swan Laundry
Will Grocery
William Capelle
William Hughes Building
Willner's Garage
Wiltshire & Kreipke
Wittmer Building
Wittmer, H S & Co
Wolfin Luhring Lumber Co
Wood's Building
Woods Drug (Wash & Ky)
Woolley Building (122 Main)
World Furniture Co
Wunderlich, Christian, Building
Yellow Taxicab Garage
Yosemite Mills
Young Tin Shop
Ziliak & Schafer Milling Co
Zimmerman Saloon
Zunkel Meat Market
geo t schultze lumber company
schultze waltman & co
smith & butterfield
vulcan plow works livery

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