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Approximate map of Avondale
Avondale was on First Avenue just north of Pigeon Creek and identified as a blue collar neighborhood. There is mention of an Avondale mine shaft in the 1875 atlas, but it first appears as a town in the 1880 atlas. Still the area doesn't seem to have been developed until the 1910s.

The streets were renamed during the renumbering in 1929 to align with those from the city to the south. The following table summarized the name changes.

Dunk AveOakley St
Ardee AveEdgar St
Burrell AveMary St
Saunders AveHarriet St
?Read St

When Diamond Expressway was built through the area in the 1950s, it caused the downfall of Avondale. The highway split the neighborhood in half and houses that weren't razed were now next to a busy thoroughfare.

After further decline, the area bounded by First Ave, Colorado Ave, Pigeon Creek, and Diamond Expy was targeted for urban renewal in the late 1970s. Most of the residences in the neighborhood were razed, though some of the houses on the south side of the highway are still standing. The old Avondale area now consists of restaurants, a post office, and professional offices commonly known as the Diamond Valley area.

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